This blog started while studying a master in online and distance education with the Open University. But now that I can rightfully append the letters MA ODE (Open) to my name, I keep blogging about learning based on my L&D work, postgradPicture of Antonio studies and the occasional MOOC I attend here and there.

L&D things I have done and may write about:

  • Multicultural and geographically dispersed L&D program adaptation and delivery
  • Redefining what “blended learning” means. It’s not classroom and a canned video put together
  • Using technology for asynchronous, synchronous delivery and proper “blending”
  • Designing and running learning events, learning offsites, large conferences where people network and learn
  • Learner-centered design for employee performance
  • Onboarding, the easy one but also in tough scenarios (remote employees, low-cost, etc)

I hate spelling mistakes. Spot one in my blog and I’ll send you a small Thank You token, wherever you are. Sticking to US spelling, but may change everything to British one day, just for fun.

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